Question: How often does LA Studiobeats post new beats? 

Answer: We randomly post new beats quite often so check back frequently. 

Question: Are your beats fully mastered 

Answer: We do a soft mastering for optimizing the beats for use. We leave enough headroom so you have room for adding vocals,samples,etc before your final mastering. 

Question: Do you sell beats in wav format? 

Answer: Beats in wav format are not sold in our online store. If you need a beat from our online store in wav format. 

Please send us a message and we will make arrangements to send the beat to you as a wav file. 

Question: Do you sell the separate stems that make up the track? 

Answer: To keep our prices low. We do not offer the stems to the beat in our store. 

If you would like the separate stems that make up the beat. Please send us a message and we will try to work out that option for you. 

Question: How do I know when I own the beat? 

Answer: After you make your purchase. You will receive a digital receipt. This is proof of your purchase and you then own the beat. 

Question: How come you don't have many Trap beats for sale. 

Answer: At this time we chose to not to offer a big collection of Trap beats. There are so many sites that have big collections of Trap beats available already. Every now and then artists like to try something different. So we hope they find interesting and different beats in our store. 

Question: Can artists in Japan purchase your beats? 

Answer: Yes indeed!! Wherever you are on this planet as long as you can access our website you can buy our beats.